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5 Workout Wardrobe Fails And How To Avoid Them

2014-02-12-workout_outfit_mistakes.jpg Some excellent ideas for dealing with workout clothing malfunctions on the fly. The too-tight sports bra: Eight in 10 of us are apparently wearing the wrong sports bra -- and you workouts can tell when you are. Bras shouldn't hurt! But if you're in a pinch (heh), pre-workout, soak the thing in hot water and stretch it out over the back of a chair as it dries, says Amy, or stretch it out and then pin both sides to an ironing board and iron the elastic so that it starts to have some give. Next time: It's worth it to take some time and find a bra that doesn't make breathing a problem -- or make you feel a bit, you know...floppy. Here are some ideas that might best fit your chest, and a bunch of Glamour-tested bras to consider . Workout-pants-falling-down-itis: Whip off your long-sleeved tee and tightly tie it go!! around your waist (which I totally would have done, were I not outside in 20-degree weather). If you have a spare hair tie handy, you can pull the extra material of the pants into a kind of ponytail and tie it off, or use safety pins to gather fabric and keep them up.
More http://www.huffingtonpost.com/glamour/workout-tips_b_4776594.html

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