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These Four Apps Turn Your Phone Into Your Workout Buddy | Techhive

Max Workouts video Money. Pact , formerly known as Gym Pact (free; iOS and Android ), is a free (sort of, but well get to that in a moment) app that challenges you Max Workouts to up your workout stakes by adding cash to the mix. Pact is maddeningly simple: You make a pact to work out, and if you fail to keep it, you pay. If you do keep your pact, you get moneypaid from the pockets of members who failed to keep their pacts. You can customize your pact to suit your needs, which means you can choose the number of days you want to hit the gym, as well as how much youll pay for each day you miss (with a $5 per day minimum). If you keep your pacts, the app pays you. If you dontwell, thats on you.
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